Everyone Should Own A Watch

By Danny Cavanaugh

Friend: “Frank what time is it man? My phone died on me.

Frank: “Uh beats me! I have no idea either, mine is dead too.


Have you ever been camping miles from the nearest civilization without service or your phone service decides to be a real pain and crap out on you? I know it’s happened to me.

Now, I never use to own watches or care for them much. Besides, Who cares about watches right? Nowadays we have our phones and with a quick tap of the unlock button we can see what time it is with ease. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to wear watches more often than not.

Why is that?

It first started as a style thing, I mean it still kind of is, but that’s beside the point. I noticed that all the bad ass operators from the military wore a lot of G-Shock watches, so of course I had to get one since I loved the military!

So, I went on line and purchased a G-Shock that had all the cool gadgets including: a stop watch, solar power battery, water proof, analog and digital time, multiple alarms and much more. On the other hand, why did this watch turn out to be a good investment, besides me wanting to be a “cool” bad ass?

This investment turned out to be one of the best purchases I could have made because of what my work life entails. First of all, I’m a baseball instructor teaching 30 minute, back-to-back private lessons every day.. I needed to keep track of time.

Now why should you care right? “Danny I don’t teach private lessons why should I care about watches? Plus, I don’t go camping..ever.


One of the cool things a watch can do for you is give you a sense of style. Whether you’re going in for that first job interview out of college and want to “dress up” your suit more, or accessorize your favorite outfit (for the ladies), watches are a great way to add confidence and sophistication to your style.

Just remember, your phone won’t always be there for you, so what’s your back up plan? A watch is a great tool to provide you with multiple time-keeping capabilities, as well as giving you a sense of style.


The Benefit of Modern Medicine

By Danny Cavanaugh

Nowadays so many people are caught up in drama, whose popular, who has the most likes on Instagram, our looks, and what people think of us.

But what’s really important in life?

A wise woman once told me (my mother) if you have your health, you have everything.

My Uncle had been struggling with his health for years, which ultimately led to the failing of his kidney.

I couldn’t imagine being on dialysis and having your blood cleaned through a machine 3 times a week for hours each of those days.

Luckily if it wasn’t for this technology, my Uncle would be dead right now.

The first blessing in his endeavor was dialysis which was merely keeping him alive.

Now what? clean your blood 3 times a week and watch the life fade from you as your kidney continues to shut down?

The answer, my father.

How fortunate it was that these two men had matching blood types, and were after all, brothers.

It was a long arduous process which ultimately resulted in a “green light” for a kidney transplant from one brother to the next, forever maintaining a bond of brother hood through blood and flesh. brothers

I could remember my mother stressing out.

What would come of this surgery?

How would they recover?

For some unknown reason, I wasn’t worried.

A doctor with hundreds of kidney transplant procedures.

So, my father and mother flew out to Connecticut where my Uncle resided.

The surgery took place on a cold afternoon at the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

My fathers procedure took only a couple of hours, whereas my uncle’s took twice as long.

Overall, after the months of stress, the hours of surgery, everything was a success and they were on their way to recovery.

It takes a special bond and brother hood to go through what these fine men went through.

My uncle will be able to have a beer again, and when he does.. he says he will “cheers to the medical team, to God, and to his brother for being able to have a beer again.”